Monthly Archives: June 2007

Barn Swallow: Hirundo rustica

The Lowdown

OK so as I said last time we had been invited to a Midsummer party. It is of course common knowledge that this (like a lot of Swedish festivals) involves eating copious amounts of herring, drinking an equal amount of vodka, schnapps and aquavit while dancing round the Swedish variant of a maypole pretending to either be a frog or a bird depending upon the storyteller. I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t overly excited.
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This came to mind today, I'm not sure why. I can't even recall clearly when or where I learnt it and it took just a little searching to find out where it was from. I knew it was Robert Browning,  I thought maybe a quote from The Ring and the Book but I was wrong as the title suggests it was from Paracelsus.
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