Monthly Archives: November 2007

My Swedish Homework

This week were working on translations. To keep things interesting Åsa has allowed us to choose the topics, so we’re doing Nordic Mythology. I don’t know much about the Nordic Gods. We do the classics [Greek and Roman] in school, and I have a personal interest in the Celtic pantheon, but apart from days of the week, I can’t recall ever being learning anything on the Æsir. I chose to do Njord, primarily because I didn’t even know there was a god called Njord. I knew of Odin, Thor, Loki, Tyr etc. but who was Njord?
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Autumn leaf in water

Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s been a busy few days here at Alledal. There just has been so much to do. I’ve spent most of the last few days grubbing around in hedgerows trying to clear a fenceline ready for reattaching it to the electric fencing. The line is now clear. I’ve just got to add the isolators for another couple of strands of electric braid and the goats will have another paddock to clear. It’s another acre of brought back into cultivation at Alledal.


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myskankor; swedish muscoy ducks

The first snow

We’ve had the first snow of this winter here at Alledal this week; though to be honest ‘snow’ is perhaps a little grand and overly dramatic to describe the dusting that has fallen. Still in my opinion snow is snow. It has been cold the temperature hovering around zero for most of the week. It’s the kind of weather I really like, cold and dry. It’s no real trouble to dress sensibly and go out and either work or enjoy yourself.
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Skane Geese: Skånegås; Scania Geese

St. Martin’s Day

St. Martin’s Day is the 11 November and celebrates the life of  St. Martin of Tours. It is a tradition that found it’s way from France to Scandinavia via Germany. Here in Skåne it is celebrated with a goose dinner and any religious meaning has long since been forgotten, none of my Swedish friends knows anything about St. Martin himself. However being in Sweden it is traditionally celebrated on the eve of the day rather than on the day itself, I’m not sure why and none of my Swedish friends seem to have an explanation – it’s just the way it is, even Christmas is celebrated on the eve of the twenty-fourth rather than on the twenty-fifth which is more normal to me.


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Migrating geese

Wild Geese

The skies have been full of wild geese for the last couple of days. I drove Steph down to the station on Wednesday and there were literally hundreds of them huddled down in the fields. As they fly overhead their strange alien honking reverberates. You can hear them way before you can see them. It’s strange the sound seems to come from everywhere and nowhere, it’s very difficult to get a fix on their direction.


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