Monthly Archives: December 2007

Christmas 2007

God Helg alla.

God Helg alla [Seasons Greetings Everyone]. It’s the main focus of Christmas here today in Sweden in keeping with their habit of celebrating on the eve of holidays. This afternoon the julboard [Christmas table] will be laid out with hams, salmon, herring and traditionally the table was left uncleared overnight as this was when the dead came to feast. I have to admit I like that bit.
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Julbock; Yule Goat; Christmas Goat

The most wonderful time of the year?

Well my wish has come true and the rain that had been plaguing us for the last couple of weeks has finally gone. It’s been getting colder over the last couple of days and the temperatures are set to drop further as we get closer to the weekend. It’s a welcome return to the sort of weather more typical of the time of year, there’s an even chance of snow for christmas too.


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Rain, Rain, Go-Away

It’s raining outside, cats and dogs. There is a quagmire where the paths used to be, and the animals and I are stuck inside as we have been for most of the week. The barn looks like a disaster area and my brain feels like one too. I’ve lost count the number of times the dog towels have been put through the washing machine and trying to keep the hall floor free of muddy paw prints has become a never ending task.


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