Monthly Archives: January 2008

The ethics of eating

It seems that Hugh and his Chicken Out! Campaign has started something. It has set people off on a journey, a growing relationship with the food they eat. The programmes [and those of Jamie Oliver] have made some people revaluate the polite detachment with which they view the food in the shopping baskets. They happily put the two-for-a-fiver chickens in their trolleys but never stopped to consider how they arrived at the supermarket. They shopped purely by price rarely considering the ingredients origins. They couldn’t bring themselves to shell out the couple of quid extra for the free-range version.
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Blue Skies Again

The blue skies are back, and what’s more we have sunshine. Today dawned clear and cold. The frost has made all the muddy paths solid, which is a good thing. The sun is shining, it may be that pale watery wintery sunshine, it may not make things any warmer but still just to see it warms my heart.


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Chicken Out

This week Britain has had a collective seizure because Hugh Fernley Whittingstall dared to show broiler chicken production on television. When the industry refused to participate in his programme on the conditions these poor animals are kept in he set up his own broiler house. HFW was plainly uncomfortable at the thought and distressed by the act, but appeared sincere in his belief that this was a necessary constituent of consumer existence and he would be a fraud, as a person who is defined by his passion for food and animal welfare, if he did not participate.


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Alledal in the snow Jan 2008

When frosty winds made moan

Gott Nytt År [Happy New Year] Everyone.

It’s looking beautiful here at Alledal; we had our first real snow of the winter on New Years Day. The temperature dropped, yesterday was the first day of the New Year that was above freezing. The cold winds coming in from the Baltic made it feel even colder, wind adjusted the temperature here has been as low as -11°C. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up somewhere with a hot drink. Of course that’s just not possible. The animals still need attention despite the weather and so our routine remained the same.


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