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civil partnership ceremony

Anniversary – It makes me think

A question to those of you in a long-term romantic relationship: How do you refer to your partner? Is he your husband, your boyfriend, or your better half? Is he your partner, him indoors, your significant other, or your spouse? Are you married? How much of the way you define your relationship is determined by your legal status? How much is it defined by the language you use?


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Svensk Gul Ankor: gula ankor: Sewdish Yellow Ducks

Wild Goose Chase

The dictionary has a wild goose chase to mean a hopeless quest. It’s an old phrase and one of the many introduced into the English language by Shakespeare. The earliest quoted usage is 1592 from Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo: Switch and spurs, switch and spurs; or I'll cry a match.
Mercutio: Nay, if thy wits run the wild-goose chase, I have done, for thou hast more of the wild-goose in one of thy wits than, I am sure, I have in my whole five.


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Cheesemaking image 1


I mentioned in a previous entry that I'd maybe do a photoblog of cheesemaking. Well this is it.

Today I decided to have a try at a hard pressed cheese. I chose a Goat's Milk Cheddar recipe from Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll [1-58017-464-751695]. I'll do an update on how this turns out after the cheese has had chance to mature, somewhere between four and twelve weeks.

 This is the story so far… 

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Visitors and New arrivals

It’s a beautiful spring morning here at Alledal. There is a line of mist just hanging at tree top height crowning the Svinstibacken. The geese are out grazing across the orchard, it’s a beautiful sight and one of the major blessings of living here. After several false starts spring has most definitely sprung. I have blue tits nesting in a hole in the old apple tree and sparrows under the eaves of the barn. The red kites are doing aerial displays and more cranes are flying north. I’ve already seen tortoiseshell butterflies and some brimstone and quite a few big fat bumblebees.
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celendine: Ranunculus ficaria

What a change

I can’t quite believe how quickly things have changed around here. Only last week we were under six to eight inches of snow. This week we’ve had temperatures in the high teens and I’ve been out working in a t-shirt. After the wintry remission it seems spring has made a comeback.


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