Monthly Archives: June 2008

honey bee; apis mellifera mellifera

Dealing with the devil

What happens when you make a deal with the devil? When there's ill-gotten wealth intermixed with a Faustian bargain?  It’s hardly a scenario you associate with beekeeping which for generations has been one of the most genteel of pastimes, a world of flower meadows, village fetes and white-veiled enthusiasts pottering around, puffing smoke into hives.


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Goats; Svensk lantrasget; Swedish Dairy Goats

How long?

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted an update on here. Sorry folks, but you know how these things are, you always mean to, you are going to get round to it but somehow other things always get in the way. Real life takes over and at this time of year there is always something else to do.


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Bumblebee on Comfrey


The temperature yesterday here in Skåne was 28.2°C – phew! In May we had just two days of rain, the rest of the time the average day time temperature was usually somewhere in the 20s. Not bad eh? Looking at the weather reports that makes us having much more pleasant weather than back home in England.
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