Monthly Archives: September 2008


Preparing the ground.

It’s never been the most popular job in the gardener’s calendar, but now is the time to start thinking about next years vegetables. So go find your spades people and forget about the gym. It’s time for some real exercise – digging over the vegetable patch. The main objective here is to bury the annual weeds, to add manure or compost where necessary and to aerate and improve the soil structure. And, if it’s done now leaving the rough soil exposed the winter frosts will break it down even more and by spring it should only need superficial attention. That’s my plan anyway.


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Alisher Rizoev

Investment Opportunities

You might say my investment in Alisher Rizoev’s farming enterprise in Tajikistan is paying dividends.

You might just be wondering how the hell I managed to invest in a farm in Tajikistan anyway – and you'd be right. But then I’ve also invested in a chicken farm in Tanzania, a farm in Cambodia and another in Vietnam as well as another farmer in Azerbaijan. Extraordinary isn’t it?


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A moulting hen

Don’t Panic

During the summer and autumn, many poultry keepers, especially those who are keeping poultry for the first time become very anxious about their birds when they begin to lose feathers. The floors of chicken houses and runs begin to look as though feathers have dropped from the sky like confetti and start asking what possibly could have happened to cause this?


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The Harvest Moon

Turn, Turn, Turn.

There has been a distinct touch of frost in the air for the last couple of days and that can only mean one thing, for another year summer has ended. The autumn equinox is upon us and the harvest moon shines brightly overhead. This morning before sunrise, the blending of the light was quite surreal, the cold silver of the moon against the warm pink of the eastern sky. It painted the landscape in muted half tones


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Fields on Hven

The halcyon days of late summer

As the sun lifts above the misty horizon, it lights up the golden stubble in the fields to bring a look of late summer to the countryside. Down by the river green keys hang in the ash trees and sloe berries are ripening in the hedge. Bees, hoverflies and other insects search for nectar in the white flower heads of the aromatic yarrow, and two bright red Admiral butterflies with crimson stripes flashing across their dark wings alight on a thistle head. Blue damselflies dart over the river and the deep pink Great Willowherb and the pale pink of the Himalayan Balsam are all in full flower on the bank.
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