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matthew shepard

Remembering Matthew

It was October 1998, and I was a thirty something, mostly out guy just trying to sort everything out in my mind just trying to work out how to reconcile honesty with not losing everything. My life was forever turned upside down when news broke that a student from the University of Wyoming in Laramie, had been brutally murdered. He had been beaten, tied to a split-rail fence, pistol-whipped and left to die in near freezing temperatures. It was shocking, it was sickening, and it left people [and me] wondering why.

For six days I was glued to the news and hoping for his recovery, but on October 12, 1998, Matthew Shepard's battered body finally gave out and he died. During that week the world discovered the reason that Matthew had been beaten and left to die: He was gay.


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Söderåsen National Forest

America the Brave

I can’t quite believe it’s been a month since I last posted something on my blog. Where does the time go? Especially at this time of year with the actually daylight hours rapidly decreasing it seems there literally isn’t enough hours in the day. So what have I got to tell you all?


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