Monthly Archives: December 2008

Who is a scrooge?

Sometimes those of us called scrooges are not really like the Scrooge from the Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. Dickens described Ebenezer Scrooge as tight-fisted and the story emphasizes his steadfast refusal to help the poor. Scrooge was filthy rich and he was proud of the fact that he would not share the tiniest portion of his wealth with those in need.


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Hard Cheese

The snow which lay over Alledal has now gone, though the forecasters predict more arriving tomorrow. It does make me sort of excited in a child like way. I’ve just been out to Höör and I’ve seen snow ploughs and gritters moving out on the roads, so it likes like we’re in for more than a dusting. It seems fitting somehow for it to be snowing in December.


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A baladeer

Today would have been Matthew Sheppard’s birthday. He would have been 31. In the last few days I’ve found a tribute to Matthew that is breathtakingly touching. It’s by a Dutch band – A Balladeer, and called Poster Child. In the ten years since Matthew’s tragic murder I’ve heard and read hundreds of tributes to him and this has to be right up there with the very best.


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