Monthly Archives: March 2009

sunset over Alledal

The North Wind doth blow

The nursery rhyme tells us that ‘The north wind doth blow and we will have snow…’ well as I can attest that is most certainly true. I know nothing of robins though none being available to comment. Another rhyme assures us that ‘March brings breezes loud and shrill…’ again this is true, although we have no daffodils to be stirred as yet.


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catkins at Billingemölla

It’s spring, spring, spring.

After a reasonably mild and suitably snowy winter, the signs of springtime and rebirth are being seen across my usually haunts. I have already seen the migratory birds, mainly whooping swans and even the first cranes flying north. The trees are all in bud and the crocuses are peeking through. I am most certainly noticing the few extra minutes of daylight were getting and so are the animals. Even my dress has begun to reflect a return to warmer climes. More often than not now I am hatless – something unthinkable just a few weeks ago – and now it’s just a fleece rather than a down jacket.


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