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newly hatched skånegås gosling, skane goose, skania goose

New Arrivals

Alledal has some new arrivals this week. The eggs I put into the incubators at the beginning of april to test fertility has started to hatch. It seems fertility is good. We have three new Gulankor [Yellow Duck] and one new Skånegås [Skane/Skania Goose] so far. I’ll get photos for you all as soon as they’re moved over into the brooders. 

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Scotch Hands

Making Butter

It’s been a busy week here at Alledal; the cream separator has been out and used a couple of times. I can see it’s going to be one of those essential items as turning goat’s milk into cream without one is next to impossible. The cream in many ways is far more useful to us than the raw milk. I could easily be cheese making twice a week and we could never get through that much cheese no matter how good it tasted. Cream is a different matter. We use lots of it as well as crème fraîche and butter and cream cheese… the list is endless.


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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker [Dendrocopos minor] mindre hackspett

Wild Flower Project

I set myself a task this weekend, to photograph and identify as many of the wild flowers that I saw while out walking with Troy. The search for wild flowers leads from the garden gate out into the wild and beautiful countryside of Skåne. I set myself some rules, for what game is without rules – that I wasn’t to go anywhere that I would not normally go on a normal walk with Troy.


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wild garlic, allium ursinium

Recipe – Wild Garlic Pesto

This afternoon my kitchen is suffused with the most wonderful smell: it’s of garlic, but fresh and wild. I had left some wild garlic shoots on my chopping board for a few minutes while I boiled a couple of eggs. I’m really wanted to capture that wonderful aroma in a pesto to serve with some cold chicken left over from yesterday and some plain steamed potatoes, which would allow its glorious fragrance and flavour to dominate.


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Common Frog, Rana temporaria, Vanlig groda

Glad Påsk

Happy Easter everyone, it’s been a good week here at Alledal. Steph has been on leave, which has been a good thing since I have now officially left the dark side of windows and moved over to a Mac. This will be my first i-mac blog entry. It hasn’t been a painless experience, but it has been a lot easier than a thought and now after almost a week I feel I’m getting to grips with the new PC. Most of the little dramas have been to do with a new install, losing templates etc. I’m a little particular about the way my PC should look and behave.


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Class Jaguar

Photo Diary – Early April

The weather has been glorious and Troy and I have been making the most of it. The last few days have been perfect for those wonderful long walks with the dog. We’ve tramped over hill and over dale and followed just about every dusty trail… seriously though it has been a thoroughly enjoyable few days. As always while out with the dog I had my little camera in my pocket an I though I’d share some of the photographs I’ve taken with you.


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