Monthly Archives: September 2009

Söderåsen in the mist

Misty September morning

However strange it may sound, I am really loving these early autumnal mornings with mist laying gentle across the woodland and fields. For me and Troy it’s really worth getting out there, getting your shoes soaking wet in the dew that now lays until mid morning, just to see the plants and spider webs that lay gilded in silver dew.


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September already.

With the dog days of summer now behind us the drop in night temperature is a sign that the seasons are changing. By dawn, the grass is covered with dew, which lingers until late morning, as the sun rises later and lower in the sky. The autumnal harvest gets into full swing as bramble, rowan and hawthorn berries ripen and at Alledal we have been anxious to make the most of them.


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