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A timely reminder

I don’t know about you but every time I visit my vet I’m immediately confronted with posters highlighting the importance of worming your pet dog, cat and even your horse. Treatment for infestation of roundworms in puppies and kittens and for tapeworms later on in life is usually accepted as a sensible course of action to keep your pet healthy and our approach to our poultry shouldn’t be any different, for there are worms that thrive in our birds and though the problem is more acute in the warmer summer weather than in cold winter time with global warming and the trend for warmer wetter winters, worms are becoming more of an all year round problem.

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Söderåsen in the mist

Misty September morning

However strange it may sound, I am really loving these early autumnal mornings with mist laying gentle across the woodland and fields. For me and Troy it’s really worth getting out there, getting your shoes soaking wet in the dew that now lays until mid morning, just to see the plants and spider webs that lay gilded in silver dew.


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September already.

With the dog days of summer now behind us the drop in night temperature is a sign that the seasons are changing. By dawn, the grass is covered with dew, which lingers until late morning, as the sun rises later and lower in the sky. The autumnal harvest gets into full swing as bramble, rowan and hawthorn berries ripen and at Alledal we have been anxious to make the most of them.


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Racing Pigeon, Columbia livia, Brevduv

July Update

I know it’s been a while since I wrote an entry, over a month, so I thought I try and update you all as to what’s been going on here at Alledal. It has been a very busy time. We’ve had houseguests, undertaken a major rewiring of the barn and had an altogether too brief visitor from Poland.


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Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, Ekorre

Cheep Cheep

I’ve just realised that apart from the slideshow I did for my Wildflower Project, I’ve hardly posted at all for a month. So this is just a typical diary entry to let all of you out there in the electronic ether what’s been happening around Alledal.


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The Wildflower Project, May

Since I received such marvellous feedback last month for the WIldflower Project, I decided to repeat the exercise again for May. The same rules apply, I would photograph only what wildflowers I could see while out walking with Troy on our usual walk. These images are all taken within Billingemölla Nature Reserve.


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paper potter

Green Fingers

Friday was the Mayday public holiday here in Sweden, so I’ve been putting the time to good use in the greenhouse. With the veggie beds laying empty so far and knowing how Mother Nature abhors a vacuum I decided I’d best get my but into gear. I got all the shuttle trays cleaned ready for transplanting the tomato and chilli seedlings now they’ve got their second set of true leaves, then got to work with a useful little device called a paper potter.


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newly hatched skånegås gosling, skane goose, skania goose

New Arrivals

Alledal has some new arrivals this week. The eggs I put into the incubators at the beginning of april to test fertility has started to hatch. It seems fertility is good. We have three new Gulankor [Yellow Duck] and one new Skånegås [Skane/Skania Goose] so far. I’ll get photos for you all as soon as they’re moved over into the brooders. 

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Scotch Hands

Making Butter

It’s been a busy week here at Alledal; the cream separator has been out and used a couple of times. I can see it’s going to be one of those essential items as turning goat’s milk into cream without one is next to impossible. The cream in many ways is far more useful to us than the raw milk. I could easily be cheese making twice a week and we could never get through that much cheese no matter how good it tasted. Cream is a different matter. We use lots of it as well as crème fraîche and butter and cream cheese… the list is endless.


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